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Oleg Cassani 8CWG663 Long Sleeve Tea Length Wedding Dress. $900

Spontaneous stop into David’s Bridal (wandered around 2 hours before getting an appointment). Love the tea length. Its fun! Don’t love the lace sleeves etc. Could get a different version for the bridal shower? 18W is too big. Needs a colored underskirt.


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Cheers Cynthia Rowley 8CR341603 Floral Organza A-line with 3d flowers $649

Flowers are fun and the skirt is light and airy, but feels a little too young/prom. And the creative folding on the skirt is not symmetrical… might bother me. 18W is too big. Can probably add a colored underskirt to poof up the skirt.


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David’s Bridal 9WG3586 A-line Beaded Lace Tulle Dress $499

The beading on this dress is beautiful but not obvious from far way. Also the peach under skirt is not showing up in the photos. This is classic and elegant but no wow for me. Maybe if we add a petticoat underneath. 16W felt a little too tight, maybe if altered to a corset back.



David’s Bridal H123 Lace Ballerina Jacket $79

This ballerina wrap might go with the simple David’s dress I liked from before, but they only have two sizes – Misses and Plus. The one I am wearing is a misses but the plus was way too large.