The story behind Bride Miranda, in a nut shell:

My sweet, generous, supportive and loving fiancee (see photo above) bought us a beautiful colonial home in March and I finally quit my job and moved to him in June.

Since I consider myself to be fairly organized and have a bit of free time on my hands (read: pursing a career as a “starving” artist), I’ve decided to attempt to plan our wedding. Crazy, right?!

Here’s where you get to benefit from my insanity…

Bride Miranda lists local vendors, venues, and boutiques along with commentary and available pricing. Hurray for research!

I invite you to follow along, utilize these resources that I have so painstakingly complied and may have even pulled out a few gray hairs evaluating! And of course, drop me a note if you have anything to share. I know I’ll appreciate any bit of advice or humor by the time this is done.

Cheers, Miranda